The Playfre block screen.

The African music streaming giant Playfre has blocked access to the music streaming platform from countries other than Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. Any visitor outside of these 5 mentioned African countries are taken to the “Playfre is currently not available in your country” screen.

This followed up after Playfre reported that its users can once again stream catalogue’s from Universal Music on the platform after about two months of not being able to.

“We have taken the decision to at the moment only serve users from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. We will be expanding to other African countries in the near future. For now, users from outside these five African countries will not be able to access Playfre” says Chika Nwaogu, CEO of Playfre Africa.

Chika Nwaogu, CEO of Playfre Africa

“We are taking this bold step to avoid breaking any international laws. Not like we are currently doing so, but we will love to understand the laws of a country and have a legal representative there before expanding our services to that country” Chika Nwaogu continued.

Available in 5 African countries and with operations in both Kenya and Nigeria, Playfre is an African music streaming platform that was launched on 1 May 2019. The platform offers its users access to over 50 million songs for free. To date, Playfre has amassed over 5,000 registered users and over 1,000,000 streams.

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