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Nigerian based music streaming enormous Playfre, who newly started on May 1, 2019, recently hit a milestone of 100,000 streams in two weeks of its publicity. The music streaming service who was also announced to have made an extension to Kenya has just started what it calls “myPlayfre” to Assist African Artists Monetize their Content Efficiently.

myPlayfre which can be reached via aims to promote African emerging and major artists monetize their content easily and effectively too.

While talking to Chika Nwaogu, Playfre’s CEO on what myPlayfre was all about, he said “African artists especially the up-and-coming find it very challenging to sell their music online. They regularly have to require the service of a music aggregator to help disperse their music for monetization on stores. This is normally time-consuming and costly likewise. Sometimes they even have to share in the revenue with their music distributors. myPlayfre aims to change this. myPlayfre lets users upgrade their accounts to an artist account; this helps them get verified on myPlayfre, sell their songs, get a special looking profile and get famous on the platform too”

“To get verified, an artist is required to upload a personal photo and a valid ID Card, this helps us maintain the credibility of the system. Artists can request a withdrawal and get paid via their local bank accounts, which is more convenient. Users can even decide to stream songs for free or upgrade to a PRO user to be able to download songs on myPlayfre. Artists who upgrade to a PRO user get to upload unlimited songs and also spotlight their songs (get it featured)” Chika Nwaogu continued.

Playfre is an African music streaming service who prides itself as “Africa’s largest streaming service” in terms of the number of songs in its catalogue. Playfre has over 45 million songs. Recently launched on May 1, 2019, Playfre has recorded over 100,000 streams with over 1,500 registered users within two weeks of its release. Playfre also has launched its Android app on the Google play store which has recorded nearly 100 downloads in the first week of its release.

“African’s want free music streaming and this reflects on the number of streams we have garnered in just so little time. We are bringing Spotify to Spotify starved countries in Africa. Boomplay and other music streaming service in Africa don’t yet offer free unlimited music streaming and don’t yet have the number of songs we do. We intend to dominate this space in the next few years and also change the way Africans listen to music” says Purity Nganga, the COO of Playfre Kenya and East Africa.

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